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“I cannot thank you enough for the gracious way you terminated the deposition on Friday so I could be with my family. I certainly am not accustomed to such selfless generosity. To be there so quickly for my family made a huge difference.”

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“fantastic cite!!! Thank you!!!”

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“Thanks Roy. Your thoughts and depo on (opposing expert witness) were quite helpful.”

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“Thanks again, Roy – this is very helpful.”

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“Much appreciated, as always.”

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Thank you Roy. Your contributions … are immeasurable.

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Roy, thanks for the excellent analyses

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Thanks Roy, this is exactly the argument I was looking for and hoping for. I appreciate you helping out a young lawyer on a difficult premises case.

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Roy,  I have been an ITLA member for a while and I always read your comments.   I think they are excellent.   This is my 50th year of practice so I have a good perspective.

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We achieved a happy resolution of this case yesterday.  The information that you provided was extremely helpful.

Chicago Attorney

As usual, I agree with Roy.

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“Thank you, Roy. You continue to amaze me.”

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“Chuck, thanks for your help and ideas.”

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“Thank you” for help with discovery issues.

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“Thanks again, Roy” for advice about federal deposition protocol.

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“Thanks for the advice, Roy!”

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“Roy, thanks so much as always.”

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“Great read, Roy. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed reading that.”

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“Thank you for the case law. Much appreciated. Argument regarding maritime law is worth making.”

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“That is an excellent and very practical point.”

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“You’re the greatest.”

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“It’s irrefutable what you said. A classic example of lawyer jujitsu.”

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“I wish I’d thought of that.”

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“As usual, you have the answer.”

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I was very pleased in the way my case was handled. I was always well informed on what was going on. I would definitely recommend to a friend.


“They made me feel like a friend from years before when I first met them.”